New Year, New Clevy

Introducing the new Clevy Backoffice!

We have been working very, very hard on this major update of Clevy, bringing you a shiny new backoffice that makes your experience building bots on Clevy even better.

The list of new features is simply too long to add here. Why don't you just log in and see what's new for yourself?

One key area we really improved on is the new "Activity" panel: you now have a much better view of your bots activity, with for example the time of the day people use Clevy the most, or how much time it takes you in average to clear your inbox.

When you create a new bot, we now also help you get started with some knowledge packs and bot skills that you can enable and disable at any time. Go try it today!

We really hope you like this new update, that also improved a lot on speed, scalability and most importantly security. Happy New Year!