Clevy updates
Clevy updates

Ignored words





When you give your bot a nice little name, some people may start their sentences with "Hello Alfred, how do I create a PRQ?" - with Alfred here only interfering with your training data. Clevy can automatically ignore Hello, ... but it is hard to know whether or not the word Alfred itself is meaningful. For example, if the CEO of your company is Alfred Pennyworth, people may ask "When did Alfred Pennyworth start working at Wayne Enterprises?", and in that case Alfred is a very usable information for understanding the bot's meaning.

To help Clevy better differentiate such cases, you can now opt-in to ignore certain words, which should automatically improve your bot's performance!

Ignoring a word is about as easy as adding custom company acroyms: simply add the list of words you want your bot to ignore in the "Vocabulary" panel.

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