Microsoft Teams

Clevy bots are now available with Microsoft Teams! From now you can integrate your chatbot in a webapp, Workplace by Facebook, Slack, Skype for business, Callr, Hangouts Chat, Microsoft Teams and anywhere on demand!


👍 Like an answer

Collecting user feedbacks is essential to enhance your knowledge base and improve the response rate of your chatbots. End-users have now the possibility to like an answer to an exisiting question! It is a good way to evaluate the relevance of the answers and as well to identify most currently asked questions.


💬 Conversational inbox

When you have to treat an unanswered question in the inbox, you can now see the conversation history to understand better the context of the user request. It is helpful to avoid errors when a question has similar answers or when you don't understand what the user is looking for.


Conversation history

You have been a lot to ask us the possibility for each user to see last conversations. It is now available! As many of you know, Clevy has a strict privacy policy and protect any sensitive data and personal information, so we were able to do it unless it is attaining user privacy.


Search area

In order to improve accessibility and browser compatibility of the search area, we've set up a new search button. You can use the search bar to find a knowledge item or select a specific category with a dropdown menu.


📁 Files updating

A single file can be linked to multiple knowledge items, now instead of having to change the attached file in each knowledge item in order to update the file. It can be done in one simple step. If you need to update a document, you can upload a new version directly in the main library by selecting an existing file and clicking on "Update".

The file will be renewed in every knowledge item to which it is linked.


Branded channels

You can now make your webapp channel more immersive for your users!

Add your logo and select a background color in the sidebar or even change the colors of the message bubbles. Use the colors of your brand or pick some hexadecimal colors and change it in the channels settings.


Global search

Now you can get any information in your knowledge base faster and more efficiently, you don't need to select a category in the search area to find a question anymore!


📨 Inbox views

Until now you could see what questions have and have not been resolved as well as who's assigned to a question. Now you can manage your inbox in several ways and filter or order questions by:

  • Not assigned, waiting for an answer or reported
  • Assigned to a question
  • Timeline and selected period


Intent tree

Clevy helps you to make decisions! Add custom buttons to knowledge items and by clicking on them, allow users to get the answer that suits them the best. It's very useful when there are different possible replies to a question, depending on the context.