We just released an important feature: SSO authentication!

You can now configure your organization's SSO settings (SAMLv2-compliant) so that your user's can login to Clevy using their regular credentials, instead of having to manage a new set of login/password for Clevy.

This greatly enhances security as well as user-friendliness within your organization!

Of course, this setting is entirely optional and if you wish to continue using your Clevy login/password, you can simply ignore this setting panel.

This setting is only available to organization owners under My Organizations > SAML Settings. Bot administrators or editors can not access this setting.

Channel groups

Channel groups has been one of the most massively requested features of Clevy. With channel groups, you can create one webapp that includes several bots. Using a channel group, employees now have a single source of truth to ask all their questions on multiple channels in one convenient place, accessible right from the sidebar of the webapp they are already used to visit.

Capture d’écran 2018-04-07 à 10.43.35.png

Configuring a channel group across multiple bots requires owner-level access to the organization settings. Bot editors or administrators who want their channel to be accessible in a group should make a request to their organization owner.

Using channel groups is a great way to enhance discoverability of your chatbots. There is no limit as to how many channels you can group together. Go ahead and try it today!

Attached files

With this update, you can now upload files to your knowledge base. You can for example attach a form to be filled and sent back, or an additional documentation on any topic.

Capture d’écran 2018-03-08 à 15.14.24.png

Attaching files is extremely easy: when you open any question, you can select any existing file or upload new files to be added to the answer Clevy will give to your users.

Then, when someone asks this question, they will get the files with the answer.


The files are securely hosted in your Clevy instance, and cannot be accessed without an encrypted URL that expires quickly, so that only you can access your files!

Acronyms and custom dictionary

You can now add your custom business language in your Clevy bots. With this update, after you add your custom dictionary, Clevy will be able to understand your business vocabulary just as well as any of your (human) colleagues.

There are some rules though:

  • acronyms must be between 2 and 25 letters long,
  • acronyms must only contain alphanumerical characters (including accented or special characters like öéùç and the & sign),
  • avoid ambiguous terms: for example, it would be dangerous to use ACT for American College Test, when it is also a verb (to act) all by itself,
  • adding/removing terms in the acronyms list will trigger a full rebuild of the bot model. Any modification may take a few minutes until it is taken into account.

Give it a try today!

Assign questions to your colleagues

We just added a way for backoffice administrators to assign questions to their colleagues or themselves.

This is a nice simple feature to help you manage your inbox more easily!

New Webapp Channel

A few days after the release of the new Backoffice, we released a brand new version of the webapp. It features a brand new design, plus some nice new features. And you get greeted by a cute and friendly robot!

This new webapp features everything you need to help your users find their information easily:

  • a very user-friendly new design,
  • display questions suggestions as you type (à la Google),
  • report an answer that you think wasn't right,
  • get suggestions when Clevy doesn't have the answer to your question,
  • leave your email to receive the answer as soon as it is

We have a few more features up our sleeve, so stay tuned!

New Year, New Clevy

Introducing the new Clevy Backoffice!

We have been working very, very hard on this major update of Clevy, bringing you a shiny new backoffice that makes your experience building bots on Clevy even better.

The list of new features is simply too long to add here. Why don't you just log in and see what's new for yourself?

One key area we really improved on is the new "Activity" panel: you now have a much better view of your bots activity, with for example the time of the day people use Clevy the most, or how much time it takes you in average to clear your inbox.

When you create a new bot, we now also help you get started with some knowledge packs and bot skills that you can enable and disable at any time. Go try it today!

We really hope you like this new update, that also improved a lot on speed, scalability and most importantly security. Happy New Year!

Knowledge base CSV exports

This feature has been requested a lot: we just added a way for you to export your whole knowledge base in CSV format in just one click in the Knowledge panel. Yay!

For the analytics lovers out there, please don't feel sad: you can also do the same with the full conversation logs.


We just rolled out the new Categories feature. With this new field, you can easily filter your knowledge base based on the type of question. This is especially useful for our users with very large bots (some of you have over 500 items in their knowledge base! 😲 ).

This feature makes managing your knowledge base much easier, as you can now easily sort through categories in one click.

You can manage your bot's categories inside the Settings administration panel.

The Analytics admin panel was also updated to reflect this new feature and you can now easily see which categories are the most commonly used.

Small Talk

Isn't it frustrating when you say "I love you" but only get a cold "I didn't understand your question" back? Yeah, we thought so.

All bots now come with a default set of Small Talk capabilities that you can activate at will. This way, users will experience a more "chatty" conversation, with a bot that will be able to natively reply to chit-chat such as "tell me a joke", "how are you", "what are you here for"...

As usual, Small Talk is really easy to take advantage of. You can activate Small Talk in French or English in just one click from your Knowledge panel, and modify the answer to small talk questions as easily as the answers to any other question.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Clevy will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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